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There Are Techno Raves In Warsaw Like There’s NoCorona

Written by on 03/05/2021

Techno scene in Poland’s capital Warsaw is like no other. This will be something you hear from everyone who’s tasted it.

The promoters, lead by well known Instytut Festival crew, the clubs, and the artist make a strong community. Proof of this is the latest news that the techno scene is live and well and that raves are happening.


For a brave and dedicated part of the techno scene in Warsaw, Poland, partying never really stopped. Illegal events have become their new reality, which was investigated by Techno 24/7 and here are the facts.

They spoke with an organiser from one of the biggest and oldest clubs who have gone underground and an affiliated DJ and producer about how and why it’s done.

“It was obvious that people wanted to party, so we gave them what they needed.” said M., who wishes to remain anonymous. Coming from an established club in the city, he is now organising illegal raves. “Five months into Covid we started private parties for close friends. Now we have 200-300 people every weekend”. Professor Saibertin, has been playing various of these parties due and against the current restrictions. “For me, this is like breathing, I can’t simply go without it”.

How do they do it?

Finding the party is fairly simple. As long as you were going to the club before you can find the location. The venue is always the same, concealed but not strange to the ones with digital access. You have to be invited by a member in one of the six message groups of 1500 people in total.  Info pack includes location, password, time and price of the ticket. Timelines are reserved for post-corona, together with phones, which are banned on site.

“Even popular DJs play sets these days. Most of them are from the local scene. Of course they miss the big festivals etc., but it is still something for all of us”.

What about the risk?

They test the DJs before and after the parties and claim that no-one has ever gotten sick. However, they all leave their masks at the door. For some the restrictions in place are particularly unfair. “The government doesn’t allow parties while you can go to the church, which traditionally has more at risk people”, Professor Saibertin told us.

How do they avoid the police?

With closed doors, soundproof walls and black windows, it looks like there is nothing inside. When police visit the place from the outside they have security personnel with great experience that can control the situation. “They notify us and we go completely silent. One time we froze for one hour. But they left, and we blasted harder”, said M.

Read the full story here.

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