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Techno meet Melody

Presented by Mikolaj Barta

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"Techno meet Melody" is the answer and the alternative for those who are looking for new sounds or old sounds in the new edition. Not wanting to focus only on one branch of techno music, I decided to combine them to create a mix of sounds that is designed to put the listener in a trance so that he can relax and feel the energy at the same time. Music is an escape from everyday problems and a mecca of peace for society, and these values I want to give to people who like to experiment with music.

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Techno meet Melody crew

Mikołaj Barta began his adventure with DJing in January 2019. However, the road that led him to this place was winding and full of dead ends. From an early age, he was passionate about music from rap, through funk to electronic music. He devoted a large part of his life to dance, where he learned music from the technical side. He gained knowledge of what the song was made of, which pushed him more and more towards music.