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Pete Sands is a Tech House & Techno DJ based in Oxford UK. He started DJing in the early 90's originally with acid house & hardcore/rave.

Hayley C is a Tech House DJ based in Oxford, UK. Her passionate love of dance music spans from the rave days of the early ’90s up to the present day and her musical taste has been influenced by a wide spectrum of genres.

Barry’s introduction into the dance scene was the Acid House explosion but always gravitated towards the underground scene from the offset

Inspired as a teenager, Franky is passionate about music. His love for music started since he was a child playing multi-track tapes with recordings of Soul and Motown at grandparents. His first DJ experience was in the early ’90s at a 30th birthday party. Ever since, Franky started to mix and produce tapes for his […]

Jockster is a Swansea based Techno DJ. He started DJing in 99/00-from there secured several residences including Fresh (3 years), Glitch (1 year)-played across South Wales and West Wales and alongside various DJs including Daniel Soto (Godskitchen), Dean Facer, Steve Lee (The Gallery), Marc Vedo (Koolwaters, Naughty But Nice), Ilogik, Nick Rafferty (Sundissential), Cally & Juice & John Kelly (Manumission, Quadrant, Clockwork Orange).

I'm Kris 23 from Newcastle been DJing at home for about a year now I've done 2 recorded sets for TechnoHeaven and they are on Soundcloud.

My love affair with music started in a small town in the Italian Alps. At 16, I joined a Death Metal/Grindcore band as a singer, if we can call that singing.

Mikołaj Barta began his adventure with DJing in January 2019. However, the road that led him to this place was winding and full of dead ends. From an early age, he was passionate about music from rap, through funk to electronic music. He devoted a large part of his life to dance, where he learned music from the technical side. He gained knowledge of what the song was made of, which pushed him more and more towards music.

Roysat whose DJing started as far as the 2001 year has gone through a few genres of electronic music that was combing house, tribal, tech-house, techno with elements of broken beats mainly played from vinyl.

Liverpool, UK based DJ Wayne Murray has been performing since the age of 13 when his parents bought him his first set of CDJ’s.  Heavily influenced by Motown, Disco and early 90’s-00’s dance music and watching other DJ at family parties and local events Wayne knew from an early age he wanted to be a DJ.

Mike Van Brugge started Djing around his 15th birthday, outgrew bedroom djing to become a professional radio DJ/ host. In those early years of his career, he hosted several radio shows on local radio stations in Belgium for more than 15 years and spend many nights as resident Dj in several Belgian clubs between 1986 and 1996.

Heel klein begonnen, zogenaamde bedroom DJ, begin jaren 2000 veel parties en locale feestjes gedraaid en 2 jaar residency in Boccaccio Beach.