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Rory Northall is a house music DJ / producer from Walsall England.  Rory is known for his heavily influenced Chicago / Jackin house sound.

Born in 1978, Rory was instantly surrounded by music. With his father being a jazz/funk saxophonist, he was exposed to various styles and genres of music that his parents would collect on vinyl and play. Such as funk, soul, disco, blues, jazz, etc., which shows in his style.

In 1989 Rory would take an interest in graffiti and hip hop and, in 1992, began attending a youth center that ran for graffiti artists and DJs. Here Rory would get to see friends using the turntables and was mesmerized and instantly wanted to take up DJing. Not having the money to afford his own equipment, he would book studio time twice a week to learn.

Soon he was having records donated to him and would use any money he would get from helping the family out. He would go and buy vinyl to add to his now growing collection, and started mixing hip hop & breaks.

With his father helping him out with finance, it wasn’t until 1996 Rory eventually owned his own turntables. From his part-time job, while studying art at college, Rory paid his father back.

Around this time, Rory had fallen upon house music while out on a drive in a friend’s car. In the tape deck was a recording of a live mix by masters at work, there was soul, there was funk, there was disco, and it had a groove. rory was hooked in. From then, Rory began searching for more house music similar to masters at work. He started to go to nightclubs following American DJs such as Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, DJ Sneak, just to name a few.

During the 2000s, Rory has been influenced by many other artists such as Daft Punk and the whole french filtered disco house sound. Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, and the Jackin house genre. In 2011 Rory began producing his own music and held many releases on a variety of labels.

Rory’s style has continued to be influenced by disco, funk, jazz, soul, hip hop in the tracks that he selects, mixes, and produces over the years.
Rory has been fortunate to meet and become friends with many of his influences through social media and events. He has played on the same bills with DJs such as DJ Sneak, Stacy Kidd, Marshall Jefferson, Jason Hodges, DJ Dan, and many more.

Rory has built up support from fans worldwide through his production, djing and graffiti artwork, and social media. He has also helped various labels with supplying his graffiti art for releases.

Rory began playing for house tech radio back in November 2019 with 2 regular shows.