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Doug Wilkerson aka "DJ ENFA" is a DJ, producer, and songwriter originally from Chicago, Illinois but currently based out of San Antonio, TX. He has been involved with music since the tender age of 8 and has majored in Music Theory as well as teaching himself the fundamentals of many aspects of music.

Dan has over 20 year’s experience starting out way back in ’99 jamming in his mates' bedroom, learning his trade on a set of 1210s. Back then the genres he honed his skills on were Trance, Garage, and DnB.

I started Dj'ing at the age of 15 with my first paid gig aged 16 and a residency aged 18. As well as being a Radio presenter running a weekend techno show and a daytime Request Show on 103.9 VoiceFm (Southampton) & Presenting a Techno Show on 102.8 Hot RadioFm (Bournemouth).

Dj &  Producer from Dublin with a taste for the darker side of things combining elements of EBM and Techno in both his DJ sets and productions, taking influence from the likes of Slam and Surgeon among others.

Raver turned DJ and Producer. That’s how it started for Lewis Firmin from Kent, the self pro-claimed high-hat enthusiast. When not playing out in the club or on the radio, he spends his time in the studio trying to fine-tune tight minimal grooves with some serious funk.

Born in 1978, Rory was instantly surrounded by music. With his father being a jazz/funk saxophonist, he was exposed to various styles and genres of music that his parents would collect on vinyl and play. Such as funk, soul, disco, blues, jazz, etc., which shows in his style. In 1989 Rory would take an interest in graffiti and hip hop and, in 1992, began attending a youth center that ran for graffiti artists and DJs. Here Rory would get to see friends using the turntables and was mesmerized and instantly wanted to take up DJing. Not having the money to afford his own equipment, he would book studio time twice a week to learn.