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Mikołaj Barta began his adventure with DJing in January 2019. However, the road that led him to this place was winding and full of dead ends. From an early age, he was passionate about music from rap, through funk to electronic music. He devoted a large part of his life to dance, where he learned music from the technical side. He gained knowledge of what the song was made of, which pushed him more and more towards music.

The hot spot was the music festival where he learned what electronic music is and what genres it represents. However, of all, he loved the Melodic/Dark-Industrial Techno the most. What does not change is the fact that in their sets he combines various music genres – house, tech-house, afro house, tribal techno, minimal techno or deep techno. The above event anchored the decision to go in the direction of DJing.

After 4 months of intensive learning, he played at the Gdańsk (Poland) club Protokultura, where people readily accepted his work and eagerly listen to what new has to offer. With the support of artists such as Roysat.

The main inspirations are such DJs as Tale Of Us, Adriatique, Mathame, Soel, Coeus, Paula Temple, Enrico Sangiuliano and ARTBAT.

A milestone was the participation in the Sonus festival, which set the direction in which Mikołaj stood up to develop.
Persistence, passion, and stubbornness resulted in numerous performances at the club Protokultura (Gdańsk), Ziemia (Gdańsk), Carnivale (Gdynia), Poziomy (Warszawa), Luzztro (Warszawa), After Ego (Szczecin), and Prozak 2.0 (Kraków).

In addition to the music itself, Mikołaj puts a lot of emphasis on knowledge and rooting in a culture that is overlooked in the world of electronic music. Hence his mission to both publicize trance with his sets and educate what culture itself is.
Despite such a short internship, hard work shows on his example that you can get a lot in a short time, which is why he also became nowadays the organizer of numerous events called Central and soon a new festival on the map of Polish mass events – Central Festival and co-founder of DJs collective – ParanoidCollab