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Noises that I can’t get out of my head!

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Born in Poland, now living in Corby UK. Always been passionate about music in all of its aspects, never been fixated on one type. I grew up listening to AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. In the early teens fell in love with trance and techno and it all kind of escalated from there.

I learned to mix at the age of 15 and kept practicing at home on a PC. I started playing in clubs when I went to uni. Focusing my sets on different types of house music. I always enjoyed playing different genres and different media. I like the challenge of mixing vinyl with digital. My motto is to never limit myself to just one genre or one type of kit to play on.

I have been DJing for 20 years now and never feel bored with it. I like my mixes to have a beginning, middle, and end and have a good energy transition in them.