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Interview: Noemi Black

Written by on 05/04/2021

With an impressive catalogue of hard-hitting releases clocked on the likes of Substeal Records, Black Vision, Dolma Red, Prospect Records, Eclipse Recordings and Black Nemesis Records over the past twelve months, March 2021 saw Technical Vibe label boss Noemi Black return to her much-loved imprint for her first full outing of the year, as she unveils the stunning ‘Follow Your Dreams’ EP. We caught up with the Polish-born talent to find out more.

Hello Noemi! Thanks for your the time to talk to us.

Hey! It’s a pleasure for me.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m a polish Techno DJ and producer. Professional, I’m making this for over 8 years. My music was released on multiple labels from all over the world. I’ve been played in many countries, mostly in Europe, but also in Lebanon or Egypt

How would you describe your sound?

I love straight, forward Techno, you can hear this style in my productions and my podcasts. I like also to add some elements of melody to my Tracks.

How does your creative process start when making a record?

I usually start with the deep parts like kick, bass, and groove, then add the hi-hats and the percussions, then I start playing around with the stuff and see what happens.

We’re loving your upcoming Follow Your Dreams EP release on your label Technical Vibe. Tell us something more about the EP.

Thank you. I’ve been working on it during the lockdown. It’s an emotional EP for me. The tracks “Follow Your Dreams” and “Be Yourself”, are describing that what I’m feeling right now. Don’t look back and follow your dreams. Be yourself and keep going with the music.

What can you tell us about your label Technical Vibe?

I’ve established my label because I want to create a place, where everyone will be able to find some quality straight, forward Techno. It’s also a place for the young, unknown yet Artists, where they can release their music.

How would you describe the current situation on the global electronic scene?

The situation in which the entire industry finds itself is something unheard of. Nobody was prepared for something like this. It’s a real disaster for all of us, clubs, festivals, and DJs.

What’s your opinion on the current livestreaming trend among DJs?

In a time, when we have no opportunity to perform live for the real crowd, the online give us this chance. I fully understand everyone, who is making this. I also more often doing streams even than before. A few weeks ago, I’ve started my own Twitch channel. Right now I’m “live” few times a week. It’s a great platform, where I can give something from me to my fans. We are enjoying the Techno sound, we have also time to chat together.

What is underground to you?

It is not to follow current styles and fashion. Simply “Be Yourself”, play what you love to play. Don’t forget about your roots. About those tinny and sweaty clubs and warehouses.

Are you planning some new music and projects soon?

Yes, after “Follow Your Dreams” EP, I will release EP on KD RAW at the end of April and in May at Prospect Records. I’m working also on some new Tracks, so in the following months, you will hear more from me. I’m also working on my Twitch channel. In the Spring, I’ll start some outdoor sets in nice locations. Stay tuned!

What are your top 5 techno tracks at the moment?

Noemi Black – Follow Your Dreams (Original Mix)

Axel Karakasis – Drooling Coachs (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola – Point of Disorder (Original Mix)

Albert Salvatierra – Santa Marta ( Original Mix)

DJ Dextro – Distant Planet ( Original Mix)

Any final words for our readers?

Stay strong, keep healthy. We will dance again soon!

Noemi Black – Follow Your Dreams EP is out now via Technical Vibe

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