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How to Camp at a Music Festival (and Actually LikeIt)

Written by on 21/06/2021

It’s that time of the year when sunshine and warm breeze set the mood for party enthusiasts since all of those aspects signal the beginning of festival fever. Throughout the years festivals are known for attracting numerous merry-go-round people who absolutely adore spending time outside, not just dancing and having fun, but also sleeping. Hence, there’s no better way to maximally enjoy a festival without camping. As festivals and camping under magnificent starlight go hand in hand, here are some 101 tips on how to camp at a music festival and utterly enjoy it.

Inspect the campsite
The term “festival rush” shouldn’t be ignored, so you’d better be prepared upfront and this means finding the right camp spot weeks ahead. It’s advisable to arrive early to find the best spot, avoid the crowds, and settle in worry-free. By doing this you can find an ideal spot that’s far from toilets, trash dumpsters, and outdoor showers (as water can easily penetrate your tent and ruin your nights). Try to look for level ground and shade, and whatever you do – try to avoid setting up the tend uphill.

Get (and pack) the right camping essentials
Before you head into your favorite music jam, there are a few things you must consider. Get and pack all the camping amenities you may need, like a tent (obviously), sleeping bag, sleeping matters for the right insulation, and other camping necessities. You want to sleep comfortably like a king or queen and relax after dancing all night long, so click here to find a quality mattress. It would be smart to have some basic tent repair kit and accompanying equipment like waterproof cover-ups, as weather can be unpredictable and you don’t want harsh wind or heavy rainfall to ruin your stay.

Cozy up to your festival stay
For an uplifting festival you generally don’t need much stuff. Do your best to pack all the things you may need in one large backpack. The things you need are basic travel-size toilettes, a flashlight, chargers, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent. Consider packing dry shampoo and quick-dry sizable towels as well. When it comes to apparel – light summer clothes are all you need but pack a sweater, extra socks, and a light jacket as nights can be rather chilly and you do want to enjoy the campfire after-party.

To bring food or not?
Most foods tend to go off pretty quickly in hot weather, so carrying ham, milk or even chocolate is not a safe and healthy option. If you are keen on bringing food to the festival go for ready-made meals with long shelf life which you can easily heat. However, be prepared to also bring a small burner and a pot to heat those noodles. As that can be rather bulky to carry in your backpack (and tedious to prepare), opt for a campsite kitchen that offers stoves, pots, and plates. On the other hand, if you desire to maximally dwell into the festival fever, bring extra cash to treat yourself with some delicious festival food (but be prepared for long lines).

Stay safe
You don’t want to get robbed or mugged the very first day at the music festival so always have your items such as ID, cash, and telephone always with you. Never leave important items off-guard at your tent, as unprotected tents are easily accessible for criminals. Affixing a key storage locker into your car is another great idea. In the end, never leave things out in the open, as you never know who is watching.

Be patient, stay hydrated, don’t neglect your hygiene, and apply a Zen notion and you will surely secure a fantastic stay at a festival camp and ensure a blasting time with your friends.