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At 3am on Sunday morning lasers, coloured lights and pounding music were blazing through the drizzle in an abandoned RAF airfield in Somerset for a free party that would last late into Sunday afternoon. Around 15 free party crews had come together to put the event, which was advertised as The Return of Scumerset and [...]
A Covid Nightlife Guide has been published online. Presented by 508 Events, Lasher Louis Productions and Vēmos. This guide is for small venues struggling with challenges of reduced capacity, higher costs and reduced foot traffic in a new landscape. There is so much useful reopening information circulating currently, but precious little of it is geared [...]
Hundreds Of Ravers Attended An Illegal Event In Las Vegas Hundreds of people attended a rave in Las Vegas despite social distancing guidelines. The Final Fuse – which took place in the Las Vegas desert on July 4 – was ticketed and was put on by local promoters Malum Geminos despite coronavirus-related restrictions being in [...]

According to a recent Guardian report, COVID-era revelers aren’t letting coronavirus lockdown orders keep them from a good time, with large gatherings taking place in parks, forests, industrial estates and motorway underpasses throughout England. These discreet parties are reportedly organized in secret and promoted solely through Snapchat and Instagram, with organizers sharing their locations at the last […]