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Joseph Capriati has been hospitalised after being stabbed by his father. The two allegedly got into a fight, during which Capriati’s father, 61, stabbed his son in the chest with a kitchen knife. Capriati has been taken to hospital in Caserta and his father has been arrested for attempted murder. The cops then found and [...]
Three people have been arrested after a 500-year-old church was trashed during an illegal New Year’s Eve party attended by hundreds of revellers. All Saints Church in East Horndon, Essex, was left with more than £1,000 worth of damage as ravers turned it into a party venue with a bar, DJ decks and Portaloos. Parishoners [...]
French police on Saturday shut down an illegal rave in northwestern France that had been underway since New Year’s Eve in defiance of a curfew and coronavirus restrictions. A statement from local authorities said police faced “fierce hostility from many partygoers”. At least three officers were injured while attempting to shut down the party after [...]
Palestinian electronic musician and DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi has been released on bail by Palestinian Authorities (PA) following an eight-day detention in a Jericho jail. Abdulhadi was released on bail by PA court order on a cash bond of 500 Jordanian Dinar bail. She’s currently restricted from traveling outside Palestine, and is subject to further investigation [...]
Hagenbrunn Disco “Schatzi” was one of Austria’s most visited, but then it all ended. The disco “Sweetheart” burned to its foundations. The cause of the fire is unknown. The interesting fact was that the new fire extinguishers were installed at a club just one day before the fire. SEE MORE: Incredible Photos of Abandoned Clubs [...]
A 12-year-old schoolboy had his DJing equipment confiscated after teachers busted him hosting a rave for fellow colleagues in the school bathroom. Cael Bell, from Manchester, held an impromptu rave in the school toilet at St Antony’s Catholic College, during the lunch break on December 11. According to his mum, Louise Bell, the boy sent [...]
The forum – made up of local councils in the UK, health boards and emergency service representatives – is appealing to owners following an incident where a rented farm was used to host an illegal rave-style party, in clear contravention of coronavirus rules. Without swift police intervention, the numbers involved would likely have rapidly increased. [...]
Covid-19 may cause sudden and permanent hearing loss, experts have found, adding that such problems need early detection and urgent treatment. The coronavirus has been found to affect the body in myriad ways, from a loss of taste and smell to organ damage. Now doctors have reported fresh evidence that Covid could also affect hearing. [...]
A new study suggests that Stonehenge was built to amplify sound. One of the great mysteries of the ancient world that recently returned to the news headlines is that of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, as researchers at the University of Salford in Manchester, U.K. are suggesting the famous stone structure may have been built and [...]
The Apprenticeships & Skills Minister and MP Gillian Keegan for Chichester told Sky News that “It is hard to see how nightclubs will open until we have some kind of long-term way to deal with coronavirus. That is for sure true.” Her appearance on Sky News came as part of a government drive to re-skill [...]