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Nicole Moudaber and Eats Everything team up for the massive ‘Big Dipper’ this February on the MOOD label. As far as debut collaborations go, ‘Big Dipper’ is one of the hottest around, with two of dance music’s biggest stars coming together to distil their years of dancefloor experience into an effervescent, high energy house track. […]

XXX the label returns strong in 2021 with an original EP by none other than The Populists aka Yan Wagner including remixes by Marc Houle and Coloray. Yan Wagner has been making a name for himself in the scene for a while now with his distinctive The Populists sound. XXX012 is no different. With three [...]
Toma Hawk presents the latest techno hits and exclusive guests from all over the world, packed in an hour-long exciting musical journey named Lakota Radio. Atlanta based Sam Wolfe the next guest in line for the upcoming episode scheduled for Thursday, February 18th, 7PM CEST. Sam caught our ears with his ‘Graveyard March’ EP that was [...]

A total of 1540 volunteers aged between 18 and 65 were played a variety of music, with techno, dubstep and 70’s rock anthems the top three types of music that recorded an increase in their blood pressure, as Mixmag reports. Techno, dubstep and classical chillout were also the top three genres to increase heart rates […]

A DJ has captured the bizarre moment a wild black bear interrupts his at-home DJ set as the animal appears to listen to the music before trying to open the door. Jody Flemming, 50, was performing to a livestream at home in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, when a bear came sniffing around outside […]

Head into Techno’s vast cosmic sound-scape with the latest Sleepy & Boo’s ‘Contact’ EP. Brand new three-tracker released on Techniche has already made its mark on the charts. The first part of the EP opens up with a track named Untold that portrays a steady ride with some serious kick effects to provide the atmosphere […]

There Is A Light – the brand new imprint from LA-based DJ, producer and label head Arash Homampour (a.k.a The Archer) – has officially launched with the eagerly-anticipated release of The Archer’s debut EP, Lonely Dream. Established as a platform to champion some of the brightest international talents in electronic music – as well as […]

As she gears up to launch her brand new label Phase Insane in February – and with a slew of critically acclaimed releases clocked on the likes of Octopus Recordings, UNCAGE, Copycow, refused. and Frequenza over the past eighteen months – internationally celebrated Spanish techno sensation Indira Paganotto steamrollers into the New Year as she […]

Toma Hawk has once again merged his sound with his moniker Mon.Ton to deliver ‘Nameless & Done’, a juicy Techno EP that you can sink your teeth into. ‘Nameless’ is the first track on the ep with an upped tempo and relentless driving force that pushing the beat forward. Dancing in the background is intricately […]

SoundCloud could soon implement a new payment model that would allow you to pay your favorite musicians directly, according to Billboard. The company is reportedly in the process of exploring several alternative business models, one of which is the one mentioned above. Billboard notes SoundCloud hasn’t committed to a direct payment model just yet, but […]