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For this Point Blank tutorial, rapper and producer Genesis Elijah shows how you can easily fix and your vocals using Antares Auto-Tune and create a range of popular effects. Autotune is a piece of digital software which can alter the pitch of a singer’s voice during a live performance or afterwards in post-production. The way autotune works […]

Universal Audio a.k.a. UA recently unveiled their ground-breaking free software, LUNA. To continue their deep dive into what this powerhouse can do, Point Blank’s Jonie has created a tutorial, showcasing exactly what LUNA is capable of by creating a song from scratch. LUNA gives Apollo owners the fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing. In […]

For this video, Point Blank’s Course Content Developer Risa T explores the features of Roland Cloud’s JUNO-106 soft synth and shows exactly how to shape and edit its iconic sounds. The JUNO-106 was the first in Roland synths to introduce the performance lever for pitch bends and modulation – an addition which became a standard feature […]

As music-makers and music fanatics, we’re all concerned about the wellbeing of the live music industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many creatives have taken to online streaming whilst others have focussed on producing more music rather than elevating their live presence. Although the face of live music has changed drastically, there’s still a number [...]
In this tutorial video, Point Blank Course Content Developer Risa T explores the features of Roland Cloud’s TR-808 soft synth and shows exactly how to set it up as a multi-output instrument in Logic Pro X. One of the most iconic drum machines in history, The TR-808 has featured in timeless classics such as Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual [...]
Last year, Point Blank were joined by the Godfather of trance, Ferry Corsten, for a breakdown of his track ‘Free’ with Trance Unity, as well as an exclusive interview. During the video, Ferry Corsten discusses his UNITY project, which was initially designed to spark collaborations between himself, other DJs and producers. What began two years [...]
Point Blank are back with another track deconstruction. This time, their Head of Education and Development and master of Track Deconstructions, Ski Oakenfull breaks down Bronski Beat’s classic hit, ‘Smalltown Boy’. If you’re not familiar with what a deconstruction entails, it’s where Point Blank take a well-known track, break it down to its core elements [...]
The Technology Behind Great Video Game Soundtracks Good dance music may have originated in clubs and on the streets, but these days a thumping track can be heard almost anywhere. TV, film and video games have all embraced EDM and techno, using the rhythm and beat to set a mood, bring scenes alive or get [...]