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For this tutorial, Point Blank demonstrate how you can add gorgeous textural percussion to your tracks, giving your song a more organic feel. Much like the percussion used in Maya Jane Coles’ excellent, ‘Something In The Air‘, Point Blank Course Developer, Chris Martin, will take you through the steps to create something similar in Ableton Live, using [...]
Point Blank are back with another Track Breakdown, this time with DJ/producer duo Punctual, to unveil the magic behind their remix of ‘Natalie Don’t’ for the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Raye. Comprising Will Lansley and John Morgan, the British DJ/producer duo Punctual have racked up millions of plays on Spotify alone thanks to their infectious club tracks [...]
Point Blank are back with another video in their series of Perspectives, this time with the Musical Director, Kojo Samuel. With an extraordinary musical heritage, Kojo Samuel was raised on music; his mother being legendary soul singer PP Arnold and his father being a bassist for Crosby, Stills & Nash. Kojo spent ten years producing, songwriting and [...]
For this edition of Point Blank’s Friday Forum Live, they were joined by Cristian Varela, a global DJ and producer, to showcase some live DJ techniques using the Roland MC-707 and TR-6S. Cristian Varela’s inexhaustible creativity in the studio makes him one of the most prolific Spanish creators of electronic music, being credited with more than 160 [...]

For this music production tutorial, Point Blank were joined by an extra special guest, DJ Slavine, to demonstrate how to make one of the most iconic sounds in electronic music today – the donk. If you’re not familiar with donk, it’s a high-octane subgenre of house music, also known as hard bounce or bouncy techno, that originated […]

Point Blank are back with another masterclass, this time with the legendary producer and DJ Sander van Doorn, to talk all things career and production-focused. In addition to highlighting some important milestones from his musical journey, the Dutch artist drops some hot tips for upcoming musicians. If you’d like to learn more about music production, […]

Point Blank are back with another deconstruction, this time with PBLA’s Jonie breaking down the BTS track, ‘Dynamite’. ‘Dynamite’ was written and produced by David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, arriving as the first English-speaking hit from the sensational Korean boyband, BTS. In the first 24-hours of the release of ‘Dynamite’, the track racked up an impressive 100m […]

For this Point Blank tutorial, rapper and producer Genesis Elijah shows how you can easily fix and your vocals using Antares Auto-Tune and create a range of popular effects. Autotune is a piece of digital software which can alter the pitch of a singer’s voice during a live performance or afterwards in post-production. The way autotune works […]

Universal Audio a.k.a. UA recently unveiled their ground-breaking free software, LUNA. To continue their deep dive into what this powerhouse can do, Point Blank’s Jonie has created a tutorial, showcasing exactly what LUNA is capable of by creating a song from scratch. LUNA gives Apollo owners the fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing. In […]

For this video, Point Blank’s Course Content Developer Risa T explores the features of Roland Cloud’s JUNO-106 soft synth and shows exactly how to shape and edit its iconic sounds. The JUNO-106 was the first in Roland synths to introduce the performance lever for pitch bends and modulation – an addition which became a standard feature […]