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Kaspar stands for straightforward, fast-paced Techno. This up and coming techno star has proven his worth with a proper techno banger – NOVA. In his young career Kaspar had already releases on the biggest Techno labels in the world. Starting with Pleasurekraft’s “Kraftek” over A*S*Y*S’ “FE-Chrome” to “Codex”. With all these releases “Black Chrome”, “Eclipse” [...]
Dreamstorm is, as the name says, dreamy and stormy track filled with melanholic feeling which intrigues pure satisfaction and excitement. Alen Milivojevic, as always, carries out expectations of all techno fans which leads us to the real storm of dreams. Along Dreamstorm, this EP includes a dynamic track called Before Afterlife infused with Alen’s recognizable [...]
Italian techno DJ and producer Joseph Capriati got transferred to another hospital due to complications. According to his latest post on social media, Joseph had another surgery. According to post, Capriati got transfered to Monaldi hospital. He has shared his message to the public. ”Dear friends of mine near and far, I wanted to inform [...]
Amelie Lens has delivered once again a mesmerizing mix at her BBC Radio 1 residency with wide variety of dark underground tunes. Amelie, who was announced as one of new additions for the BBC residencies back in late August 2020, has been impressing us all ever since. The often-referred to ‘explosion’ with which the Antwerp [...]
During the times when we miss raving, videos of complete sets or live streaming from our favorite DJs are more than welcome. Watch Rave On Time with Charlotte de Witte. Charlotte de Witte posted a livestream from Mogren Fortress in Montenegro. Check it in full below. During the set, Charlotte plays tracks from her new [...]
After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, Drumcode Limited gets a re-launch in 2021. Away from the main room, the imprint gives Adam Beyer an opportunity to showcase his passion for techno. And this techno is one on the deeper and darker tip of the musical spectrum. An 18-track compilation kicks things into gear in January, led by [...]
Police identified Elliot Morris through his fingerprints in this photograph. Drug dealer – who boasted about his supply over WhatsApp – was arrested in a pioneering police operation after being traced by his fingerprints from a picture. Redditch kingpin Elliot Morris was caught after he used the service to offer Class A drugs to users [...]
Rover captures sounds from Mars, and you can hear them and compare them. When the Mars Perseverance rover lands on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021, it will not only collect stunning images and rock samples; the data it returns may also include some recorded sounds from Mars. The rover carries a pair of [...]
There is Electronic Music and then there is a special form called Millsart. It’s a form that started from Techno music that leans more into the poeticism of Jazz and self-reflective acoustical works that explore folk music, while at the same time, using the precise and perpetual constructions of Dance Music to strike the right [...]
Great news for techno fans is Rave The Planet parade! Speaking of legendary Love Parade, the annual techno festival began in 1989, running for fourteen years before going on a 3-year hiatus after their 2003 installment and reopening in 2006. The first year there were only 150 techno enthusiasts and soon its crowds marked over [...]