Bassics Records was born in January of 2015 in a search for new musical talents based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bassics Records artists share the passion for music, the aesthetic and sonic search, always related to the quality of the final audio. We care that every production sounds good. The melody, harmony & groove are pillars that guide this project. We look for these 3 elements in each track. We are really passionate about listening to new tracks that come to us each day and we try to send them an answer as soon as possible. 

Bassics Records seek to create a connection between the label and all its members, because we are convinced that the flow of information achieves a musical and cultural exchange valuable for our local and global development. The goal of Bassics Records is to consolidate ourselves in Argentina, spreading and promoting the work of all our artists. We believe and bet on Argentine talent as a platform and starting point for our expansion to Latin America and Europe. The possibilities are many, working together to achieve our goals!.

Bassics Records

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Bassic Records