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House Techno Music Collective

HouseTech Radio is a growing community of dedicated House Techno music enthusiasts, offering a promotional platform for any DJ, Music Producer and Record Label. 

Daily live radio shows with our residents and guest DJ's. Monthly free downloads & promo's. Visit our other channels below to find out more about us...

Collective Mix Series #057 - Sam Shelley







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HouseTech is not a business or a company and we have no desire to make a profit from our activities. We wish to keep our music platform completely free of charge; we do what we do for the love of house techno music and, simply, for everyone's pleasure.

We are a collective of like minded individuals all sharing our favourite house techno music and each others mixes, plus provide monthly playlists with 100's free downloads & promo's.  Check out our 24/7 stream and live radio show with our residents and guest DJ's every week. Visit our other channels below to find out more about us and the house techno music collective...