Oxford - UK

Pete Sands is a Tech House & Techno DJ based in Oxford UK. He started DJing in the early 90's originally with acid house & hardcore/rave. 

Following the amendments to the criminal rights justice bill in 1993, and the progression of the UK house club scene, Pete Sands DJ'ed House & Trance music throughout the UK and Ibiza for many popular clubs and productions, playing alongside well known acts such as Judge Jules, Alistair Whitehead, Jon Pleased Wimmin. 

Pete is also one half of DJ duo Two in the Crowd with Hayley C, and spends his time building the HouseTech brand and Radio Station.

Pete Sands

Who inspired you to start DJing?

"i've loved music from an early age playing the guitar for most of my childhood. However, raving in the early 90's it was sets from DJ's such as Easygroove, Slipmatt, Sasha and Danny Rampling. How they built their sets and could control a crowd was amazing"

Artists that are doing it for you?

"DJOKO, Dennis Cruz, Hector Couto, Stanny Abram, Apollo 84 and Bicep. TBH, I find some awesome tracks from new and up an coming artists all the time. My sets lately consist of tracks from both established artists and free promotional tracks from new producers"

Most memorable experience

"A tough one as there have been a few. I guess playing a local gig to 1500 people for a Mixmag night was a great experience. Raving with over 500,000 people at the Love Parade, Leeds in 2000 was without a doubt the maddest event i have ever been to"