London - UK

Addison Brothers introduction in to the dance scene was the Acid House explosion, but always gravitated towards the underground scene from the offset. He started Dj’ing with Technic 1210's at the age of 19, shaping his style and technique early on. 

Playing several well known nights in and around London, which lead to a weekly residency. Production was the next move, enjoying great feedback. The Addison Brothers were born when his brother Neil came on board. 

Their passion for the music has never been stronger than right now. Exploring and playing the sounds that shape their Tech House sound, with of course an inevitable old-school vibe added to the sauce.

Addison Brothers

Who inspired you to start DJing?

"Tuff one really as it was more of a collective of DJ's, but i guess it was originally the early Acid house DJ's including Andrew Weatherall, Danny Rampling and Tony Wilson, to name just a few."

Artists that are doing it for you?

"Son of 8, Apollo 84, SP1DER, ILL PHIL & Chris Lorenzo, Blane Read, Dennis Cruz, Vidaloca, Raffa FL, Franz Costa, Tuff London, System 2, Jacky, wAFF. The list is endless really so much talent coming through it's hard to keep up."

Most memorable experience

"Too many to name but Queen's and Full Circle were great back in the day as well as Ophelia at St Jame's Square. Most recent are Dimensions Croatia and Twisted Fusion / Out Out productions."